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By | November 2, 2013


It is easy to buy Deer Antler spray online, and the product is specially developed to assist college, professional and amateur athletes with its highly refined muscle building and recovering formula. Deer Antler is known to support muscular strength, endurance, muscle recovery following intense training exercises, muscle mass maintenance and joint health. Some consumers also buy Deer Antler online to simply use for promoting a healthy immune system.

Humane Harvesting of Deer Antlerdeer antler harvesting

In order for consumers to buy Deer Antler Spray online, the ingredients must be harvested humanely from the living animals. Most species of male deer grow and shed new antlers each year. Deer Antler is harvested from the tip of the actual antler which is made of living tissue. The tip of the antler contains the most potent substances that make up the Deer Antler product, and the animals’ antlers grow back in just a few weeks. Only the tip of the antler, which contains the living tissue, is harvested; therefore the deer is mildly anesthetized, but not killed, caged or harmed in any way.

The Process of Making Deer Antler

Deer Antler Spray is made available online after the makers of the product go through a technical process that begins with the use of the whole cartilaginous antler while it is still in a pre-calcified state. The young antler is cut off near the base when it is approximately 2/3 of its full size and prior to the occurrence of any significant calcification. The antler is then dried, and parts of it are used to create specific remedies for muscle and tissue related health problems as well as for health maintenance purposes. Ancient Chinese herbalists have been recommending Deer Antler for centuries as an anti-inflammatory remedy, and today consumers can conveniently buy Deer Antler Spray online.In the below table, you will find why AntlerX is the best deer antler spray -



AntlerX  Ingredients

Consumers have the option of purchasing AnterX which contains a host of additional health supplements including calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, collagen and various proteins. Along with 20 different amino acids, the product also contains androgens which stimulate the development of testosterone and other male characteristics. The product has chondroitin, which is a sulfate used to lubricate joints and reduce inflammation as well as lysophosphatatidyl choline which may help reduce blood pressure. Additionally, gangliosides are found in AntlerX, and these have been associated with increased learning and memory functions.


Deer Antler for Building Muscle

deer antler muscle buildingAthletes and others who want to stay in tip top shape can buy deer antler online to help build muscle in 2 ways, known as sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar processes. Deer Antler helps increase muscle size by increasing the size of cells in the tissues of the muscle. Cells become larger when their sarcoplasmic fluid is increased by using the Deer Antler product. During the myofibrillar process, the size of the muscle’s cells is increased when the actin and myosin contractile proteins are increased in number. This process, not only increases the size of the muscle, but also increases muscular strength.


Deer Antler for Faster Muscle Recoveryrecover faster

Muscles can become damaged in 2 major ways. One way muscles become damaged is through accumulation of fluid which happens immediately after strenuous exercise. The more the muscles are strained, the more fluid builds up, which can also impact the body’s immune cells. When muscles are injured from excessive strain, the fluid accumulation can last as long as a week, and the body can become stiff with a decreased range of motion. Individuals coping with muscle strain and injury can buy Deer Antler online to help muscle swelling subside and allow them to return to exercise and normal physical activities faster.

doctorWhat do Doctors say about Deer Antler

Doctors have long warned against the use of steroids for muscle enhancement due to the potential impact of dangerous side effects. As a result, many doctors are encouraging athletic patients to rely on natural, herbal alternatives to steroids. Individuals who use Deer Antler Spray usually experience healthy muscle growth that is more harmonious with the body than the extreme muscle bulk that is associated with the more risky use of steroids. Athletes who buy Deer Antler online will be at a much lower risk of side effects and the corresponding health hazards. Deer Antler is a healthier alternative to the more dangerous performance enhancing drugs.


Deer Antler is used Worldwide

Consumers can buy Deer Antler online in 210 countries all over the world. Ancient Chinese doctors gave the natural, herbal remedy to men to help improve their libido and sexual performance. In modern times, Deer Antler has been used more often by college, professional and amateur athletes as well as those interested in body building to boost their stamina and help maintain optimal muscle health. Deer Antler is harvested at the ideal time of year from healthy deer raised in comfortable environments on ranches in New Zealand and other parts of the world.

Safe and Healthy Production of Deer Antler

Individuals and retail store owners who obtain Deer Antler Spray can rest assured that the product is developed in a safe and healthy environment. Developers have created a successful line of AntlerX products that have been proven effective for years. Custom formulations are available in tablets, capsules, liquids, sprays, gels, powders and lotions. For retailers who want to sell the product, itantlerx logo can be labeled with the retailer’s own unique brand identity. AntlerX laboratories are able to quickly produce, ship and deliver large quantities of top quality supplements. The company adheres to the highest regulations and develops the safest and most effective Deer Antler formulas. AntlerX  is a respected company in the health and fitness industry, and is a member in good standing of the Natural Products Association. The founders are dedicated to providing safe and effective supplements that help enrich people’s lives, and the company is on the cutting edge of research and development into innovative products of unprecedented excellence. The company’s researchers stay on top of the latest breakthroughs in nutritional science. Obtaining the finest ingredients from sources all over the world, AntlerX creates high quality formulas that are a great value.

Many athletes use Deer Antler Spray to help muscle injuries heal faster and to enhance muscle size and strength. Representatives are available via phone or email to answer questions about all Deer Antler products.